Our 20 Point Service Checkup identifies potential problems before they cause your systems to fail and before they cause you to lose data.

During the checkup we verify that your server, hard drive array, Anti-Virus software, power protection and network in general are up to date and operating, in optimal condition. We also clean your tape drive, examine your tapes and tape rotation plus, perform a file restore test from your backup media.

Service Checkup outline:

  1. Review Customer Concerns, Questions, and Requests
  2. Check Physical Condition of the Server
  3. Check Server Status Indicators
  4. Check System Log Files
  5. Check Backup Log Files
  6. Check Anti-Virus Log files
  7. Check Anti-Virus Definition File
  8. Check Operating System Critical Updates, Service Packs, and Drivers
  9. Check Proper Operation of Cooling Fans
  10. Check Hard Drive Fragmentation
  11. Check Hard Drive Free Space
  12. Check Memory and Processor Usage
  13. Check RAID Array Condition
  14. Check RAID Controller Battery Condition
  15. Check Backup Tape Rotation
  16. Clean Tape Drive
  17. Restore a File from Tape Backup
  18. Check UPS Battery Condition
  19. Check Physical Condition of Network Devices, Switches, Hubs, Wireless Access Points, Firewalls, etcetera
  20. Update Emergency Repair Disk and create an off-site copy of your Disaster Recovery information on your FTP server.

We will provide you with a report with recommendations to address current issues, and suggested corrective measures and estimated costs to implement. No action will be taken without your prior approval.

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