specializes in helping your business make a presence on the World Wide Web. Our services are designed to help you take the first step and transition to utilizing the Internet in a way to promote and grow your company or organization.

What is the Internet?

The Internet, in its simplest explanation, is a network of many computers, located all over the world, connected to exchange information. What was originally used primarily by scientists to exchange research and information has become a vital tool as well as a necessity for many businesses and the reason that many others exist. The World Wide Web (WWW) is only a small part of what is commonly refered to as the Internet.

How has business changed?

Many companies exist solely on-line and sell products over the Internet. Just as the mail order companies from the turn of the century, with only a catalog. Some of these companies have grown into some of the largest retailers. Other companies provide information and services to assist businesses and individuals with a variety of tasks. All have this in common, they use the Internet to attract and interact with customers they may never have had without being on-line.

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